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Month: December 2017

Total Players in month 330  
Summary By Table of Tournaments Played  
Tournament Tournaments
Player with
Most Profit
Player with
Most Games
Stig top1
Holdem 15k 47 Apple55 Apple55 Apple55  
Omaha 25k 17 w8ing4u albqtess albqtess  
Holdem 10k 111 EdieBlue Dana796 billyhicks777  
Holdem 25k 154 cirrus EdieBlue cirrus  
Holdem 100k 79 jc1970 EdieBlue jc1970  
Holdem 200k 370 Tomcat7 12popp majinky  
All Tournaments Combined 778 Top Three Positions  
  First Place Tomcat7 Tomcat7 majinky  
  Second Place linbofre 12popp wyatt007  
  Third Place Caveman413 EdieBlue cirrus  

1 Player with the higest Return On Investment who has played a minimum of 10 games.